The essence of Viniyoga (a form of Hatha Yoga), is working to develop a practice that is tailor-made for your own needs. Whether you want to be more flexible, or to strengthen your core, to work on a back issue or learn how to relax – then yoga can help.

In a one-to-one session the starting point is to establish your current condition in a consultation. We are all different and our bodies can vary hugely in terms of their possible range of movements. You may want a practice to help you relax, or need a practice to help maintain your fitness or to help with recovery from an injury or operation or to work through the different stages of pregnancy. I’ll ask you to think about how yoga can fit into your routine – how long you have available to practice and what time of day would be best for you. Gathering this information enables me to establish what kind of practice would be most beneficial for you. I then plan a bespoke yoga practice tailored to focus on your particular needs at this time.

We then have a session to go over this practice and I will give you a copy to take away with you so you can continue working with it as part of your daily routine. People come back for a check-in at their convenience.

Working with a regular yoga practice will improve both your strength and flexibility. Learning to combine movements with the breath brings you an increased sense of calm and relaxation. This helps you to feel more balanced in everything you do.

Some people who opt for a one-to-one session are new to yoga and others are already class students who want to deepen their practice.

Here are some students’ experiences of individual lessons…

“I was referred to Bethan by an osteopath, Richard Blacklaw-Jones. I was experiencing very bad back ache in my lower and upper back and also had a bad body shape. Over a few weeks, Bethan introduced me to Yoga – each week introducing a new exercise and within two months my back ache had totally disappeared and I was walking with a new and much improved posture. The lessons were always great fun and were tailored specifically to my needs and to my understanding. I found the practices to be rewarding and I always looked forward to doing them. I can’t recommend Bethan enough!” ~ Michael Walker

“The improvement in my yoga practice is largely due to my one-to-one yoga sessions with Bethan. She tailors the practice to my specific needs and her encouragement is always uplifting. Her on-going personal support is invaluable.”~ Sue Gabriel

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